Archery is held outdoors for the spring, summer, and fall seasons, 5pm - 7pm on Mondays & Thursdays at 1765 Fern Rd, Courtenay. Practices on Denman Island are 5pm for youth, 6pm for Adults on Tuesdays at 10234 Green Hill Rd, Denman Island. Additional practices in the Nanaimo area are periodic; please watch the discussion group for announcements.

There is a $1 drop in fee, and a $2 equipment rental fee for those who require it. To ensure Sr Archery marshals will be present, or to check for cancellations, please see the Facebook event, or contact the Chief Archer.

We maximize safety on our range, so we have Rules:

  • If you haven't attended this practice before, contact us ahead of time to ensure you have appropriate gear, or that we have gear to loan you on site. (email, or ask on the Hartwood discussion group.)
  • All minors must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.
  • An Tir Archery rules apply. This includes but is not limited to: no running on the range; follow marshal directions.
  • Listen to your marshals: we are here to keep you safe.
  • This is a practice and beginners are welcome. In order to keep the range safe for all attending, you must be able to show that you have control of the equipment you are using. If you require further training we can arrange for it on a closed range.

Be safe, be supportive, and have fun!

Armoured Combat (also know as Heavy Fighting) is an exciting full-contact sport that mimics the Knights of old, fighting in full armour with sword and shield. Heavy fighting can be broken down into two distinct forms, war fighting and tournament fighting. Both share the same skill set but are greatly different.

We are transitioning to outdoor practices for the Spring, Summer, and Fall Seasons, and will update once we have the date and location confirmed.

For practice notices and cancellations, see the Facebook event or the Hartwood discussion group. For more information contact the Minister of Stables.

Arts and Sciences is held weekly in Courtenay on Wednesdays, and Campbell River and Duncan on Thursdays. The times are generally from 6 pm to around 9ish and locales in those areas can change, so it's best to contact the Arts and Sciences Minister of Hartwood to confirm the locale, or check out the Hartwood discussion group.

The get togethers are very social and friendly, and many bring their own projects when there is no group project on the go. Attendees can number from 2 - 10, and the discussions are fun and informative.

We hold workshops as often as we can. In the past we have had banner painting, flower petal rosaries, simple lamp making, paper making, and arrow making to name a few. We also hold two University of Tir Righ sessions a year. These are a collection of classes that our members teach to our populace and can be a full weekend. Classes have include calligraphy, weaving, drawing Celtic Knots, pouring pewter, period cooking, making armour and much, much more. Updates on workshops can be found on the Facebook event listing.

The Arts and Sciences Office has a large umbrella that includes Bardic, Craftsmen Challenges, Dance, Music, and the many sciences. It is inclusive and fun! Come check us out!

You can imagine a medieval recreation group of 50,000 members takes a little coordination. Now our little Shire is only a portion of that number with just over 60 current members (though we continue to grow) but managing offices, events, reports, and Shire business takes a bit of effort. Council is where we review events gone by and plan for our future activities such as events and practices. All are always welcome.

We try to meet on a monthly basis, typically at the Quality Foods meeting room in Qualicum, 705 Memorial Ave. For more information on our next meeting, please see the Calendar below or the Facebook event listing.

Join us for Hartwood's monthly dance practice.

We will review previous dances in the first hour, and then add new ones. Which particular dances will depend upon how many people are on hand: dances for 4 will predominate where we have only 4 people, and so on.

Note that the Barenthal Hall has an actual dance floor. Dancing can happen in socks or smooth shoes; track shoes may have too much traction.

For more information on dates, cancellations and location, please see our Facebook Page.

Rapier combat is a full-contact sport emulating historical rennaisance sword techniques. Participants use rapiers and a wide variety of off-hand weapons to take part in war mele and/or tournament style fighting. This is a touch-sport, so light armour is worn to better sense when one has been hit.

Practice is held in Comox on Saturday evenings, 6pm - 8pm at Marina Park. We are transitioning to outdoor practices in other areas, and will update when location and day are confirmed. There is a $2 equipment rental fee for those who require it.

For practice notices and cancellations, see the Facebook event listing or the Hartwood discussion group. For more information, contact the Minister of Blades.

Thrown Weapons is held in Nanaimo and Courtenay on a weekly basis throughout the spring, summer, and fall seasons.

Instructors and loaner weapons are available at each practice. As a practical note children under the age of 13 rarely have the strength to throw the weapons. All attendees under the age of 19 MUST be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult and sign a liability waiver.

For practice notices and cancellations, see the Facebook event listing or the Hartwood discussion group. For more information contact the Chief Chucker.

Join us for our annual Championship, featuring heavy armoured fighting, rapier, archery and thrown weapons.

Check back for updates and schedules.

For further details, please see the Kingdom Website. For questions or discussion, see our Facebook Page.

Join us for our annual Yule, a day of feasting and compantionship, featuring our Bardic and Craftsman Championships.

Check back for updates and schedules.

For further details, please see the Kingdom Website.

Join us for our annual University of Tir Righ session, a weekend packed with a broad range of classes.

Check back for updates and schedules.

For further details, please see the Kingdom Website.

Whispers carried upon the Autumn Winds bring rumor that Tir Righ will soon have an Heir to the Storm Thrones. In the Shire of Hartwood, Prince Liam and Princess Nadezhda shall step down and bow before the new Prince and Princess of Tir Righ: Vikingr and Lishinia!

As well, not only will this Event host the Rapier Championship to select the new Scar for Tir Righ but there will be contests and activities for Heavy Combat, Archery, Thrown Weapons, and an A&S Largess Competition. Information regarding these contests, classes, food services, site directions and event fees can all be found on the Kingdom Website.

Join us for our annual Forester's Challenge, an extraordinary archery practice.

This year we will be in garb and we will be starting with a potluck breakfast. We ask you bring a food item to share. There will be no fee for this practice.

If you choose to meet the challenge, the requirements are as follows:

  • Must know how to shoot well with the bow - 30 royal round longbow and success with a moving target shoot. Two tries.
  • To be handy with a crossbow - 25 royal round. Two tries.
  • To stand properly by his tree/ To remember the placement of the archers - - will be explained during the moving target shoot.
  • To cut arrow shafts - explain how to make arrows and bolts
  • To make a bowstring - explain how or do.
  • To sound a horn.
  • Describe the three hunting method: bow and stable (animals driven towards stationary archers), Par Force (think fox hunt), and poaching.
  • Describe three hound types and how used. (scent hounds, greyhounds, mastiffs)

For questions or further details, contact John MacAndrew.

Bärental: 2916 Macaulay Rd, Black Creek
Oct 6th
Oct 20th
Nov 17th
Facebook Event

Yule is coming and we have a desire/request for dance. It turns out that Her Highness likes dances from John Playford's first manual on English Country Dance, too, so that's what we are going for!

We'll need dancers. Dances are for sets of 4, 6, and 8 people, with a few that are "longways". Come to the workshops and find out the details.

We'll start with the basics of double-side-arm, and go on from there. No modern styling. All walking... with maybe a little skip on occasion.

The list of dances, so far, include:

  • Black Nag
  • Rufty Tufty
  • Grimstock
  • Upon a Summer's Day

Scribal: Gouache meets Paper
Bärental: 2916 Macaulay Rd, Black Creek
Nov 10th
Facebook Event

Painters are the scribes most keenly needed when charters are in need of painting. Help develop your medieval eye by looking at and analyzing period images. Then put that knowledge to use in the practicum that follows. Bring note-taking materials, and any equipment and paint you'd like verified for SCA use.