On Gatherings

In light of ongoing recommendations from health authorities, SCA Inc. has adopted limits on in-person gatherings. This includes all events, meetings and practices. Hartwood has adapted our annual events to an online format; please see below for details.

For more information about online gatherings, please see the Hartwood Facebook forum.

Archery is held outdoors for the spring, summer, and fall seasons, 5:30pm - 7pm on Tuesdays at 1765 Fern Rd, Courtenay. Practices on Denman Island are 5pm for youth, 6pm for Adults on Wednesdays at 10234 Green Hill Rd, Denman Island. Additional practices in the Duncan area are periodic. Please watch the discussion group for details announcements. Covid-19 protocols are in place.

Armoured Combat (also know as Heavy Fighting) is an exciting full-contact sport that mimics the Knights of old, fighting in full armour with sword and shield. Heavy fighting can be broken down into two distinct forms, war fighting and tournament fighting. Both share the same skill set but are greatly different.

Practices are typically held outdoors during the spring, summer, and fall seasons, and indoors at the Nanoose Bay Pentecostal camp in winter. Covid-19 protocols are in place.

For practice notices and cancellations, see the Facebook event or the Hartwood discussion group. For more information contact the Minister of Stables.

Arts & Sciences meetings are typically hosted weekly in Campbell River, Courtenay, Parksville and Crofton. These social gatherings may invite you to bring your own project to work on, offer focused workshops on specific topics, or be an opportunity to get feedback and ask questions of our more experienced members.

At this time, we are working out Covid-19 safe ways to meet. Check out the Hartwood discussion group, or contact the Arts and Sciences Minister of Hartwood.

You can imagine a medieval recreation group of 50,000 members takes a little coordination. Now our little Shire is only a portion of that number with just over 60 current members (though we continue to grow) but managing offices, events, reports, and Shire business takes a bit of effort. Council is where we review events gone by and plan for our future activities such as events and practices. All are always welcome.

We try to meet on a monthly basis, and we use the Zoom platform to meet online. If you would like to be notified of meetings and receive connection information, please email the Webminister and they will happily add you to the list!

Rapier combat is a full-contact sport emulating historical rennaisance sword techniques. Participants use rapiers and a wide variety of off-hand weapons to take part in war mele and/or tournament style fighting. This is a touch-sport, so light armour is worn to better sense when one has been hit.

Practices are typically held outdoors for the spring, summer, and fall seasons, and indoors at the Nanoose Bay Pentecostal Camp during winter. Covid-19 protocols are in place.

For practice notices and cancellations, see the Facebook event listing or the Hartwood discussion group. For more information, contact the Minister of Blades.

Thrown Weapons is typically held outdoors during the spring, summer, and fall seasons. Covid-19 protocols are in place.

For practice notices and cancellations, see the Facebook event listing or the Hartwood discussion group. For more information contact the Chief Chucker.

Spring University of Tir Righ Session - April 18th, 2020


Date & Time: Apr 18 2020, 9am - 6:15pm
Location: Online using Zoom.
Fees: There are no fees for these online classes.

Join us for Hartwood’s first ever online educational event, the Spring University of Tir Righ Online Session. Enjoy a host of classes on all manner of subjects. We have both lectures and workshops, arts martial and gentle. What intrigues you? See the schedule for inspiration!

Students will need access to a computer with video and audio capabilities in order to participate. Instructors will be delivering their classes via Zoom, an online video conferencing app. Students will be required to provide their own materials and equipment, as outlined in the class list.

For further details, please see the Kingdom Website. For questions or discussion, see our Facebook Page.

Registration Information

Pre-registration only, by email: Registration opens 5pm April 3rd, and runs until 9pm April 15th.


Event Steward: Fionualla Inghean Ui Murchaidh
Event Co-Steward: Halima Al-Rakkasa
TUTR Coordinator: Wendy Gwynafel Kennedy
Moderator: Jaqueline Lefleur
Moderator: Aniko Melyes
Moderator: Cunegonda van den Bossche

Connection Information

We will be using the Zoom platform to facilitate our classes. All classes will have an instructor and a moderator. Students will be provided a link to the class via email prior to it beginning.

As with all video confrencing software, it is recommended that students download the desktop application to connect. This will provide the greatest functionality and the smoothest experience. Options to connect via browser or mobile are available, but students my find not all browsers compatable. If you have concerns about the ability to connect via your chosen platform, please contact Fionualla or Cunegonda to run a test.

Class Offerings

For those who would prefer, the list of classes can be downloaded as a PDF.

9:00am — 10:50am
Inkle Weaving for Beginners
Presenter: Kuria Aspasia Bevilaqua
Type: Class

Students will need: A loom; 1 or more colours yarn or cotton thread; string; scissors; shuttle.

Wax Cloth Food Wraps
Presenter: HL Diamante da Magenta
Type: Class

A popular method to protect and preserve food, Beeswax Cloth Food Wraps have been traced back to Egyptian times. Cloth treated this way with Beeswax is used to wrap perishable foods as a replacement for today’s plastic wrap. Students will learn the most basic way to prepare these food wraps using materials provided in class, and will take their projects and the knowledge home with them. Cotton fabric will be used in class.

Students will need: Beeswax, grated; cloth, either cotton or linen — polyester and poly-blends don't take the wax as well; an oven or broiler oven.

Weaving Pictures: An Intro to Tapestry Weaving Techniques
Presenter: Mistress Etan MacNessa
Type: Class

In this class students learn the basics for Medieval tapestry. We start with definitions, types of looms, and how to warp up. We learn to create the cartoon and prepare the selvege, about bobbins and other tools, and how to weav and add extra weft. We discussion of shed and how to fix it. We discuss shading, hatching and hacheurs, slits and joins, and building shapes.

Each student should be in touch with me in advance, so I can help them with accessing a loom and how to warp it. I will send out class notes in advance. I can be contacted through Facebook or email (email preferred).

Students will need: Loom, warped and ready; Scissors; a black sharpie (fine point); and note taking tools.

11:00am — 1:00pm
Beginner Embroidery
Presenter: HL Morgaine Essex
Type: Class

This class is for individuals with little or no experience with a needle and thread. We will discuss needles, hoops & frames, floss (thread) and techniques. We will also discuss practical applications for embroidery, i.e. embelishment on garb. This will be followed by a lesson on how to embroider – 3 basic stitches will be taught. The students will leave with a small project started in class to be finished on their own time.

Students will need: a small pair of scissors; small embroidery hoop; scrap of fabric big enough for hoop (cotton or linen prefered but anything will do); embroidery floss – any colour.

Filling in the Details: Customizing Charters and Scrolls
Presenter: HL Jadwiga Radomyskowa
Type: Lecture

Large blank spaces, custom scrolls and fiddly bits Oh my! Learn how to fill black spaces on charters, add unique embellishments, and how to customize a scroll for a recipient. Pani Jadwiga will walk you through how to approach these areas without being overwhelmed.

Knock-Off of the Mary Rose Lamp
Presenter: Master John MacAndrew
Type: Demonstration

We will be creating a lantern consisting of a base and top, doweling for connectors, and closet lamps for a light source.

Student must consent to being emailed during registration to receive the class hand-out.

2:00pm — 4:00pm
Make and Use of Period Pigments
Presenter: HL Jadwiga Randomyskowa
Type: Lecture and Demonstration

Students will learn to make paint using egg tempura, glaire, and gum arabic. You will learn the techniques to use these mediums.

Bow Strings
Presenters: Archos John MacAndrew and HL Kjartan kraka
Type: Demonstration

Archos John and his Lordship Kjartan will demonstrate how to make flemish twist and continuous loop bowstrings. Students will have to consent to being emailed during registration to be sent the handout.

Brewing Mead
Presenter: HL Wulfgar Bradax
Type: Demonstration

Welcome to Wulfgar’s Complete Mead Making class.

In this class, I will be demonstrating and discussing how to set up your own mini micro Brewery and proper sterilization methods. I will demonstrate how to start a batch of mead, take care of the fermentation, and racking and bottling it. Questions are encouraged.

4:15pm — 6:15pm
Intro to Wood Chip Carving
Presenter: HL Kjartan kraka
Type: Class

Students will learn safe carving techniques by carving a sample of different patterns with a knife.

Students will need: a chip carving knife (can be ordered on line – order a #8 at Lee Valley); 2-3 Large wood paint stir sticks.

Netting Techniques — For Hair and Hunting
Presenter: Maulana Halima al-Rakkasa
Type: Class

The only difference between a hair and hunting net, is the size of the material and the tool that makes the knot. Learn the techniques involved, using a lark’s head and a weaver’s knot. Discussions will include using other fibres and how they relate to their intended purpose, how “square mesh netting” works, and the difference between medieval increases and modern increases. Students will make a practice sample.

Students will need: heavy crochet cotton, smooth twine, or other non-fluffy string; a craft/darning/crewel work needle to fit string (unless you have a netting needle); a stick or string that could be taped down to a desk; a popsicle stick or large-ish knitting needle to use as a gauge.

Students will need to consent to being emailed while registering to recieve the class hand-out.

Intro to Chinese Brush Painting
Presenter: HL Aniko Meyles
Type: Class

Introduction to Chinese shui-mo (Water and ink) painting. In this class we will learn some of the foundations of this art that has been around since about 600 AD. We will touch on some of the philosophies in this art form, which can be more of a meditation and a challenge for those who have studied/practiced western art.

Students will need:

  • Paper towels (lots)
  • One or two cleaned styrofoam meat trays (white is best)
  • India ink. No specific brand, inexpensive is fine. Man Lee in Nanaimo often carries it. You won’t use that much.
  • Chinese brushes (see example at Amazon) or Google Sumi-e brushes for other examples. We need the small to medium size. One or two brushes is enough.
  • Chinese rice paper (for watercolour) is a lightweight paper. Probably available at Man Lee or any art supply store. LOTS, we will be using several sheets. Again this is not an expensive product – Asian markets carry it.
  • A water vessel, like a couple small mason jars of water.
  • A waterproof table covering for protection.
  • Gloves. (Black ink!)

Date & Time: Jul 17th 2020, 5pm - 8:00pm
Date & Time: Jul 18th 2020, 9am - 8:00pm
Location: Online using Zoom.
Fees: There are no fees for online events.

Join us for an online event, The Champion's Favour, featuring classes and challenges from each of our Champions, plus a bonus challenge from her Grace, Duchess Tangwystl Tudur. This social event will use the Zoom platform; links will be provided via the Hartwood Facebook event prior to the event.

For further details, please see the Kingdom Website.


Date & Time: Aug 7th 2020, 7pm - 9:15pm
Date & Time: Aug 14th 2020, 7pm - 9:15pm
Date & Time: Aug 21st 2020, 7pm - 9:15pm
Location: Online using Zoom
Fees: There are no fees for online events
Facebook Event

Have you ever looked at the University of Tir Righ's diploma programs, and wondered how to obtain one? Are you new to the Society, and still uncertain of the lingo, how to get involved, or how you yourself want to play? Have you been a member since rocks were soft, but need some youthful enthusiasm to get you excited about the Society again?

Then please join Hartwood and the University of Tir Righ for three nights in August as we complete the Novus I diploma. The Novus Diplomas are designed with newcomers in mind, and help to give them the basicis of SCA structure, traditions, and expectations. They highlight some of the many activities we offer, and help to get newcomers oriented. When both experienced members and newcomers participate together, they can find mentorship and comfort in being 'known' by those already actively involved. Novus I consists of six one-hour classes; we will cover two a night, with a brief 15 minute break between each.

Classes require preregistration, and will technically close the Wednesday prior to each session. They will remain open for wait-listing, however, and if there is enough interest we will simply run the entire course again. Connection information and handouts will be emailed to participants by Thursday morning. The current schedule is as follows:

Fri 7, 7pm - 8pm: SCA structure: How does the SCA work?
From Shire to Society – what are the differences between different types of branches in the SCA? What is the SCA and where does it come from? Who is the King and what is his relationship to the Seneschal? What on earth is the Mucking Tall Maul and what do you have to do to get it? If you have ever found yourself wondering about any of these questions, then this is the class for you!
Fri 7, 8:15 - 9:15pm: Chivalry and Etiquette: How to behave in the SCA
Courtesy and Chivalry are the core of the SCA; it takes kindness and politeness to a higher level. This class discusses how we greet one another, what ideals we hold to, and expectations of behaviour.
Fri 14, 7pm - 8pm: Keeping busy: What to do in the SCA
What do we do? Everything, because there is no audience and we all participate! This is a quick overview of activities beyond martial arts and sewing circles, and how you, too, can be a part of this hugely creative hobby.
Fri 14, 8:15 - 9:15: Identity crisis: What is a persona?
What is a persona and why do we have them? In this class, students will explore the idea of persona development within the SCA.
Fri 21, 7pm - 8pm: Events: Surviving and thriving
This course introduces students to the range of event types found within the SCA, giving guidelines as to what kinds of things happen at different kinds of events and how to be prepared for them.
Fri 21, 8:15 - 9:15: Basic clothing: What can I wear?
An introduction to what a basic SCA set of clothing may consist of, from a first-event polyester- whatever to basic go-anywhere medievalish to possibly-documentable.

For those interested in further educational opportunities, we would like to recommend An Tir's Grand Ithra, an online event with nearly fifty available classes. We are also considering a Novus II diploma course; Novus II consists of 8-12 two-hour classes which provide a more in-depth look at various subjects. We are currently looking for instructors for a course projected for September - November. If you have any interest in teaching, please contact us.