History of the Shire of Hartwood

Once upon a time, way back in 1989, a group of people plotted and planned and formed the Shire of Hartwood. It was a small shire, but in the fullness of time, it spawned two more groups, Cragmere (Courtenay, Campbell River and area) and Ravensley (Port Alberni).

Over the years populations waxed and waned; in 2011 the shires of Cragmere and Ravensley re-merged into Hartwood, which now flourishes with members who have a wide variety of interests and skills.

Hartwood has long had ties to the Barony of Seagirt (Victoria and area) and the Shire of False Isle (Powell River), which lies directly across the sea (Straight of Georgia) opposite the present Shire of Hartwood. Collectively we are known as Insula Magna.