Camping Events

Camping in the SCA is a far cry from roughing it; our summer weekend events are filled with fun, friends, wars and tourneys!


Education is an important element to what we do. Hartwood hosts annual University of Tir Righ (TUTR) session, offering formal classes.


What better way to forge friendships than over the breaking of bread? From potlucks to fully served feasts, Hartwood loves its food.


Hartwood often participates in and demonstrations for the public including crafting, heraldic, or displays of combat.


Hartwood has a vibrant target archery community that meets on a weekly basis in spring, summer and fall.

Thrown Weapons

Hartwood is at the forefront of the growing interest in thrown weapons. What isn't to like about chucking knives, axes and spears?

Armoured Combat

From tourneys to wars, Kings to Champions, armoured combat is central to our Society. Hartwood has weekly practices.


Nothing says 'class and style' like a well dressed fencer. No matter if it's a tourney or war mele, what's important is to live or die well!

Arts & Sciences

Craftsmanship, performances, and research of all kinds are valued in the SCA; we often gather to exchange ideas on projects.


Interested in calligraphy or painting? Like to draw, or create poetry? Join Hartwood's scribes to learn how ancient artworks were created.

Performing Arts

Song, instrument or dance, stories and epic poetry; the bards of Hartwood welcome all performers of all skill levels to join us.

Childrens Activities

Hartwood strives to be family-friendly, including games, classes and activities for people of all ages. There are even badges to be earned!