Shire Officers

Below you will find a listing of our Shire Officers and their email. For general enquiries, contact us here.

Seneshcal Badge

Seneschal (Chapter President):

Master John MacAndrew
Email: Seneschal

Family Activities
Lady Fionualla Inghean Ui Murchaidh
Email: Family Activities Coordinator

Chatelaine Badge

Chatelaine (Public Relations / Newcomers):

m'Lady Scarlet Tomalty
Email: Chatelaine

Chronicler Badge

Chronicler (Secretary):

Aróc ingen Cormaic
Email: Chronicler

Web Minister (Website and Social Media Manager)
Email: Web Minister

Exchequer Badge

Exchequer (Treasurer):

Maulana Halima al-Rakkasa
Email: Exchequer

Chamberlain (Inventory Management)
Lady Fionualla Inghean Ui Murchaidh
Email: Chamberlain

Arts and Sciences Badge

Minister of Arts & Sciences (Research and Crafting):

Lord Maurus Ioinur
Email: Arts and Sciences

Chief Scribe (Design,Calligraphy, & Illumination)
Kuria Aspasia Bevilacqua
Email: Chief Scribe

University of Tir Righ Minister (Formal Classes)
Lady Guencenedl ben Madudain
Email: TUTR Minister

Marshallate Badge

Minister of Stables (Combat & Sporting activities):

Honourable Lord Kjartan kráká
Email: Minister of Stables

Deputy for Archery
Maulana Halima al-Rakkasa
Email: Chief Archer

Deputy for Rapier
Email: Minister of Blades

Deputy for Thrown Weapons
Lord Ulf Treteljgar
Email: Chief Chucker

Herald Badge

Herald (Town Crying, Name and Device Consultation):

Mistress Alicia le Wilfulle
Email: Herald


Lady Fionualla Inghean Ui Murchaidh

Armoured Combat:

Hon. Lord Wulfgar Bradax