Welcome to The Shire of Hartwood

The Shire of Hartwood is a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism (referred to as the 'SCA'). Located on Vancouver island, we encompass all communities from Duncan to Campbell River; Denman and Hornby Islands to the east; and Port Alberni to the west.

The SCA is a medieval interest group that participates in research, martial arts, costumed events, and community demonstrations. We meet regularily to teach and learn in both formal and informal settings. For more information on how to get involved, please see our newcomers page; for information on demonstrations, please contact our Chatelaine (Public Relations Officer).

Events and other activities are happening! As always, continue to take what precautions you need to stay healthy.

For more information about gatherings, please join us on the Hartwood Facebook forum.

Archery & Thrown Weapons

Hartwood has a vibrant target archery community that meets on a weekly basis in spring, summer and fall. Loaner gear is available for newcomers and instruction is available to all. Please contact the Chief Archer for dates, times and locations. Children accompanied by parents are welcome!

Knives, Axes and Spears - Hartwood leads the way in developing a robust cardre of throwers. This is a fun sport, requiring no purchase of equipment and is open to all over the age of 9. Participants under 19 Years must be accompanied by a parent. We have qualified marshals to keep you safe and instruct the novice. Practices are held once a week; contact the Chief Chucker for more details.

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Armoured Combat & Rapier

An iconic part of our Society's activities, armoured combatants particpate in tournaments, melees and war scenarios. Weapon and armour requirements have been developed to ensure safety and an engaging experience. Hartwood trains weekly throughout the year; limited loaner gear is available. Please contact our Minister of Stables for more information.

Recreating later-period sword fighting, rapier fighters are known for elegance and speed. Similar to modern fencing, we use a variety of weapons and lighter armour than the Armoured fighters. Training is weekly throughout the year, with loaner gear available for those who would like to give it a try. Please contact our Minister of Blades for more information.

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Arts & Sciences

The Arts & Sciences encompass an enormous array of activities; performance arts such as bardic and dance, fibre arts such as embroidery and weaving, craftsmanship such as armouring and woodwork, scholarly arts such as scribal (calligraphy & illumination) or herbalism, our regular meetings are where we gather to enthuse about our latest passion or get advice from more experienced members. Please contact our Arts & Sciences Minister for more information, or check out our Calendar for a listing of upcoming meetings, classes and workshops.

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Interested in learning more about our meetings, practices or events? Our activities are open to all. We have people available (via this contact page) to answer any questions you might have — come check us out!