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Camp Gilwell, Courtenay
Comox Lions Den, Comox
Comox Masonic Hall, Comox
Grantham 'Odd Fellows' Hall, Merville
Halbe Hall, Black Creek
Tsolum Building, Lewis Park, Courtenay
False Isle - Stranded Mermaid site

Ravensley Kin Hut, Port Alberni
Ravens Key Castle

Hartwood White Court

Seagirt Camp Barnard

Crickstow-on-sea - Colwood Pacific Activity Center

Camp Gilwell (Scouts of Canada)
5200 Comox Logging Rd., Courtenay, BC
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From either north or south of Courtenay:

NOTE: there are no stores within easy distance! Did you stock up?

If you're local (Courtenay), and don't want to go out to the highway and come back in again...

Make your best way to Lake Trail Road; it crosses Willemar Avenue by Lake Trail School. Head uphill, past Arden School and Marsden Road.

At Duncan Bay Main (labeled Comox Logging Rd), turn Right (you can't turn left, so don't try). Stay on the road (avoiding the logging trucks as they come through, as they have the right-of-way) until you come to a speed bump and a stop sign.

Take the right of the Y, driving slowly over the potholes, and over the next speed bump. Continue over the watermain bridge, and the Stotan Falls bridge (slow down for on-coming traffic and pedestrians). Continue to the stop sign.

Continue through the stop sign and turn right into Camp Gilwell.

Halbe Hall, Black Creek

From the north, two choices:
a) Take the old marine highway south of Campbell River to Black Creek. Just a few minutes past Hamm Road, at the top of the hill, turn right, into the parking lot.
b) Take the new highway south of Campbell River to Black Creek, taking the Hamm Road exit. Approx. 5 km later, it will end on the old marine highway; turn right, towards Black Creek. At the top of the hill, turn right, into the parking lot.

From the south:
a) Easy: Take the new Inland Highway north past Courtenay to Black Creek. Turn right at the Hamm Road exit. Approx. 5 km later, it will end on the old marine highway; turn right, towards Black Creek. At the top of the hill, turn right, into the parking lot.
b) Scenic: Make your best way through Courtenay, following the signs to Campbell River. This should take you up Mission Hill (Art Knapp's nursery), through Merville, and on to Black Creek. Just past the Black Creek Country Market (on the right, complete with gas bar), you'll go up a hill; at the top of the hill, turn left into the parking lot.

Comox Lions' Den

Make your best way to Comox, following any highway/street signs that suit you.

When you get to downtown Comox, you will be on Comox Avenue. Continue until you pass the 4-way-stop at Church St., and have the Comox Mall on your left.

Across from the Comox Mall, on your right, is Nordin Street. Turn right, down Nordin (note the building on your left) and park there.

The building on the corner of Nordin St and Comox Ave, that you took note of, is the home of the Comox Library (Vancouver Island Regional Library), which has its entrance on the Comox Avenue side; the Lions' Den is off the parking lot, lower level, at the back of the building.

Comox Masonic Hall
350 Church St., Comox, BC

From the South:
Make your best way to Comox; from the Inland Highway, follow signs starting at exit 117. You will go into Courtenay, turning left onto Cliffe Ave., and go up to 17th St; McD's will be on your left, as well as Petro-Can, and Pizza Hut will be on your right. You should be in the right lane, to go over the bridge; stay in the right lane and turn left again, still following the signs. Continue past Portuguese Joe's (great smoked salmon!), the hospital, and through the lights at Anderton Road. The next set of stop signs is Church; turn left, up the hill. The church is on the right, and the hall is on your left.

From the North:
Make your best way to Comox. The Old Highway will direct you to the Kitty Coleman/Seal Bay Park turn-off; continue into Comox, past Ryan and Guthrie (Mc'D's!) until you have reached the end of Anderton Road. Turn left onto Comox Avenue. The next set of stop signs is Church; turn left, up the hill. The church is on the right, and the hall is on your left.

From Little River ferry:
Follow the signs into Comox, continueing past Ryan and Guthrie (Mc'D's!) until you have reached the end of Anderton Road. Turn left onto Comox Avenue. The next set of stop signs is Church; turn left, up the hill. The church is on the right, and the hall is on your left.

Grantham 'Odd Fellows' Hall
Hwy 19A and Smith Rd., Courtenay, BC

Grantham Hall is on the "old Island Highway", now the scenic coast drive 19A, across from Tsolum School (near the Smith Rd intersection), north of Courtenay (10 mins from the bottom of Mission Hill), and south of Campbell River (30 mins from downtown). For photos, check out the Grantham Hall page.

From the south
Make your best way into and through Courtenay, and either of the bridges (17th St. or 5th St.) coming off Cliffe Avenue to get you going north. Follow signs through town towards Campbell River. (If you pass Art Knapp's Nursery at the top of a hill, keep going; you're doing fine.) You'll be driving about 10-ish minutes from there, so look for signs before then. Don't pass the Gunter Bros. sign on the left (Smith Road), or you'll have to back up. The hall is on your right (Grantham 'Odd Fellows' Hall).

From the north
Either take the old "Coastal" highway, or the Hamm Road link from the new highway to the old. Go past Merville Store (good gas prices there!), and when you see the Gunter Bros sign or Tsolum School or Smith Road on the right, you'll be turning left into the driveway for Grantham Hall. The hall sign is not so visible from that end.

Kin Beach Provincial Park,
1712 Astra Road, Comox.

Dogs must be on a leash at all times. Owners must clean up after them. Smoking only at the far end of the parking lot. The event area is a dry site.

From the South:
Following the Inland Island Highway, take the first exit into Courtenay. At the end of the connector, turn left onto the Old Island Highway (Cliffe Ave.) and continue on until you reach 17th St. Turn right onto the 17th St. Bridge, then left onto Comox Avenue. Follow to the first set of lights, then turn right onto Ryan Road. At the top of Ryan Road (19 Wing Comox Base) turn left on Little River Road then right on Kilmorley Road. Stay to the left until you reach the park.

From the North:
Take the Old Island Highway towards Courtenay. 1 km past the Merville General Store (big red sign), turn left off the highway onto Coleman Rd., following the Bates Beach sign. Follow Coleman until you come to the three-way stop. Turn right onto Bates. At the end of Bates Road, turn right onto Waveland. Follow Waveland, which becomes Anderton, until you get the end of the road. Turn left onto Elienor towards the Little River ferry. Before you reach the ferry, turn right onto Wilkinson. At the end of Wilkinson, take a right onto Little River Road, then an immediate left onto Booth. At the end of Booth turn right onto Astra. Kin Beach is on Astra and will (of course) be on your left. Park in the first parking lot, where the reserved shelter is.

To camp, call the park at (250) 339-6365 to reserve a site. Campsites are $9 per nite per party of four, and each site has room for a camper, and can accommodate 8 people, though they are willing to stretch that number for us if needed. There is overflow camping, though there are no firepits or picnic tables in the overflow, should you choose to camp there.

Tsolum Building, Lewis Park/Courtenay Recreation Centre,
Courtenay, BC.

From the South:
Make your best way to Courtenay, and Cliff Ave. (which is the street you come to from the freeway exit road). Turn Left onto Cliff, following it past the first bridge at 17th St. (keep in left/straight-ahead lane or you will end up on that bridge), right through town, to 5th. Street (the main shopping street). Turn right onto 5th. Go over the bridge; there will be a parking lot on your right, first right hand turn (almost immediately after the bridge) takes you into this parking lot.

Don't park here, but follow the roadway, under the bridge and around to the Park at the other side. Keep following the roadway to the hall at the end.

From the North:
If you are coming from Campbell River, stay on the Old (Ocean) Highway, crossing Headquarters and Ryan Roads till you get to the (second) Lewis park entrance nearly at the bridge; turn right between the two totem poles. (Don't go over the bridge!) Follow the roadway through to the small building at the end.

Out of Town sites

False Isle - (Stranded) Mermaid's Tourney
Craig Park, (no street address) Sunshine Coast Highway, Powell River, BC, V8A 4Z2.

From the Vancouver Island (Comox) ferry, go straight off the ferry to Marine Avenue (2 blocks). Turn left; follow Highway 101 north towards Lund BC, for 19.8 km, turn right at Craig Road and SCA sign, then left into Craig Park.

For up to date ferry schedules go to:
*Note about ferries: Please make sure to arrive an hour or two before your sailing, as this is a very busy time of year. Check out possible discount rates on their website.

Hartwood - a White Court site
First United Church, 232 High Street, Ladysmith, BC V9G 1G3.

From the North:
Take the first exit into Ladysmith, continuing through the round-about on First Street. Turn right on High Street.

From the South:
Turn left onto Roberts Street. Continue up the hill to Third Street. Turn right. The Church is on the corner of Third and High.

Ravensley - Kin Hut

From the new Inland Highway, take the Port Alberni exit to Hwy 4.

Then ... As you arrive in Port Alberni, there is a Coombs Country Candy shop on your right. Just after this there will be a turn off to your left; take it (the Port Alberni Hwy). (The tourist info building will be on your right).

Go past the hospital on your left, until you get to the first set of lights. This is 10th Ave.; turn right. (There will be a 7/11 on your right.)

Follow 10th Ave past one set of lights to the second set of lights, and turn right onto Roger. Skip two roads (you can miss them if you blink) and turn left onto Vimy. Drive down Vimy (past the Sports Centre on the right) until you get to the Kin Hut parking lot. You are there.

Ravensley - Ravens Key Castle
5222 Kingston St. Port Alberni, B.C.

From the Inland Island Hwy take the Port Alberni exit to Hwy 4.

Follow Hwy 4 as it enters Port Alberni and takes you past a Coombs Country Candy shop on your right. Stay to the right until you reach the lights at the far end of the Walmart/Extra foods lot.

Turn right at these lights onto Cherry Creek Road. Follow the road straight through the four way stop and past the store until Cowley Road.

Turn left onto Cowley and follow the road as it becomes Best Road. Follow Best until you come to Kitsuksis Road.

Turn right onto Kitsuksis and then take the next left onto Kingston Road. Proceed to the end of this gravel road, slowing down as you reach the gate at the end. There are children and animals around. Go to the end of the winding drive.

Camp Barnard (Scouts of Canada)
3202 Young Lake Rd, Sooke, BC
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From the north:
Take the exit that leads to Sooke; this road changes names several times (Millstream, Veterans' Parkway, etc.).
Turn right at Otter Point Rd
Turn left at Young Lake Rd

Crickstow-on-Sea - Colwood Pacific Activity Center (CPAC)
2610 Rosebank Ave., Victoria

From up-Island:
Stay on the highway until you reach the Colwood exit (Exit 10); you will be following the same signs as those for Fort Rodd Hill, so take the Colwood exit.

Go just past the Juan de Fuca Centre, and turn Left onto Ocean Boulevard. At the sign for Fort Rodd Hill, turn Left. In about a block, on your left-hand side, you'll see the building and the driveway into the parking lot.

But the above is just from my (Halima/Linda)'s memory, and taking the simplest possible route.

From up-Island, more directly, and assuming you are on the Inland Highway:
Take the slight right onto Goldstream Ave / Provincial route 1A. Follow Goldstream Ave for a while.

At the Old Island Hwy / Provincial route 14 / Provincial route 1A, turn left.

Turn right onto Ocean Blvd. Turn left onto Rosebank Rd / Chemin Rosebank

From Victoria:
Get onto the main highway, Douglas St / Provincial route 1 / Trans Canada hwy. Continue to follow Provincial route 1 N / Trans Canada hwy N.

Again following the signs towards Fort Rodd Hill, take the Colwood exit (Hwy-14 exit / Exit 10- toward Hwy-1A / Colwood / Sooke / Port Renfrew)

Turn slight left onto Provincial route 14 W / Burnside Rd W. Continue to follow Provincial route 14 W

Turn left onto Ocean Blvd. Turn left onto Rosebank Rd / Chemin Rosebank