Suggestions for Camp Food

Being Ideas for the Newcomer to SCA Eventing, the Neophyte Camper, and Those Needing Inspiration; Food for Either Day-Trip Or Weekend

by Halima al-Rakkasa, minimalist

Store cool-ish and dry Cooler; no other prep Cooler; must heat
No other prep Must heat
dinner rolls
uncut bread loaves
bread sticks
flat bread

almonds, other nuts
dried fruit (dates, figs, apricots, raisins)

protein bars
dry cereal
peanut butter
Cheese rolls
cereal bars such as Nutrigrain

tortilla chips (w salsa or in stews)
pretzels (the big soft ones are period)
instant soup
hot chocolate
Oxo cubes

canned soup
canned stew

instant oatmeal
instant couscous (starch for stews)

chapatis can be made with flour, water, a little oil and salt, on a hot, dry cast iron frying pan
cheese; harder is better if a cooler is an issue; gouda, parmesan, brie
fresh fruit (grapes, apples)
fresh veg (carrot, turnip, radishes)
yoghurt (for oatmeal)
pickles(cucumbers, onions, eggs, olives)
cold couscous or rice salad

pepperoni or other preserved meat (kielbasa, salami, Landjaeger, smokies)
hummous or lentil dip
hard-boiled eggs
Lorenz pies
Pies of Paris
beef jerky (can be added to broth or?)
prebaked veg or meat pies
baked or fried chicken
marinated ham strips
sausage rolls
home-prep'd stew/soup

partially-prep'd stew or soup chop and fry an onion in a little olive oil before adding the stew or soup, and be the envy of the camp

pre-cooked rice and/or beans as a base

Freeze pre-cooked stew/soup to help keep other food cold; it will thaw eventually.

Open cooler only as needed, to keep it cold. Consider a separate cooler for beer and similar bevers.

Consider having snacks available for "company": baked goods, easily prepped fresh fruits and veg, tea, hot chocolate, whatever your friends like.

Even if drinking water is supplied, chill some bottled water, or barely freeze a few bottles, to help the cooler ice last longer and give you cool water as needed. Go easy on the soda pop (diuretic) and the fruit juice (insect attractant); if you use fruit juice, pack the concentrate and a container for the diluted juice.

I have done day-trips with nothing but cheese, buns, pepperoni and pickles; for a full day or more, add some real food, either hot or cold, and some nibbles such as nuts and fruit. Couscous salads are now readily available in delis, as well as other interesting foods. Do remember that chicken must be either hot or cold, and must spend very little time in between.

Use alcohol wipes in the travel packs. Take Vitamin B1 to help drive away insects, and use DEET.

My thanks to HL Doirean Dechti for re-posting this information gathered from several people over several years. I hope this compilation will become more convenient over the coming tourney seasons!