The household of Canis Saltans is an offshoot of House Felix Dormans a Seagirtian household headed by Master Uilliam mac Aillan vhic Seamus and Mistress Theocharista Irena Diaconia.  Upon two of their members, Lord Mischa and HL Scathach, leaving for the north, it was suggested that a branch of the household be formed in Hartwood.  Since ‘Felix Dormans’ means “the sleeping cat”, the name ‘Canis Saltans’, meaning “the dancing dog” was thought to be an amusing counterpart, especially since the famous (or infamous) Tierce is one of its members.


  • HL Scathach ingen Conmael
  • Lord Mikael Mikalavik Donskov, called Mischa
  • Lady Argolia Ragnvaldsdtr
  • Lord Snear Hugproui
  • Mistress Meredith of the White Cliffs
  • Signora Bartolomea di Antonio Rossini
  • Tierce