Hi all… now it looks like the Hartwood Social Night is become a going concern.  We’re mostly holding it on Tuesdays (but not this coming week – it’s Wednesday).  We’re not doing any particular theme, but I’m currently working with Coptic-bound books, Emrys and Mischa talk fighting and I have enough stuff lying around to discuss Heraldry with or Garb making.  There’s also new events to discuss, movies to watch, etc.  So come over!  Contact Scathach (me) at redshasta@gmail.com.

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  1. Himmel says:

    Hello I have been in nanaimo 3 years and would like to become involved with the SCA again (I am from Kamloops BC) Please let me know of when there are meetings or get togethers Thank you

  2. Hartwood Admin says:

    Greetings, Shannalee. Regular meetings are just in the process of being re-organized. A lot of these are posted to http://bluepage.tirrigh.org/BluepagephpBB/. Of course, there is also Facebook and an email list. More information on upcoming activities shortly! (Events: The Armada is Aug 5-7, Camp Gilwell, 5200 Comox Logging Rd., Courtenay, BC; the Straight’n’Arrow is the weekend after, in Port Alberni.)


  3. Rowen says:

    Hello there i am trying to get back involved with the group but have no car and stuck out in coombs, is there anyway to arrange rides with someone that is going to events. I need to reconnect. Thanks Rowen

  4. Tracy Head says:

    My husband and I are interested in joining the SCA. Please forward any info you can . Thanks

  5. Halima says:

    Tracy, the best way to connect with locals is through the Insula Magna Networks (top of this page), at the very least, the elist (http://mail.tirrigh.org/mailman/listinfo/hartwood_tirrigh.org). Introduce yourself and let us know what sort of activities interest you.

    You can find us on Facebook, too, as Shire of Hartwood though it’s not our official publication (events and such); you can still connect with people to find someone nearby.

    For information geared to beginners, check out the links section on the left of this page, especially SCA.org.

    Sept 23-25 is Coronet in the Nanaimo area; you will want to attend! Get into some medieveal-ish clothes and come check it out. Do ask for Lady Elspeth (see officers link above) of Hartwood or Lady Marina la Pica; they will be delighted to show you around!

    I look forward to meeting you.


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