The officers of Hartwood undertake the usual responsibilities of any club’s officers. 

The Shire of Hartwood does medieval fighting and dance, and will do demonstrations for interested groups, schools and organizations.  Please contact our Chatelaine for more information.

Seneschal (Chapter President):

Archos Aline de Seez
Email: Seneschal
Champions: Heavy, Lord Attius; Archery, Lady Miranda; Bardic, Lady Nichola.

Chatelaine (Public Relations):

Dominus Sextus
Email: Chatelaine

Master of Stables (fighting activities):

Lord Ulf Treteljgar
Email: Master of Stables (MoS)

Master of Blades (rapier/fencingactivities):

Lady Muirgen
Email: Master of Blades (MoB)

Chief Archer (archery skills):

Master John Macandrew
Email: Archery
Deputies Archery: HL Kjartan kráka

Thrown Weapons (knife, axe, spear):

Lord Harold of Hartwood
Email: Thrown Weapons
Deputies for Thrown Weapons: Lord Ulf Treteljgar, HL Kjartan kráka, Master John Macandrew

A & S Minister (Arts and Sciences):

Lady Sigrún Bjarnhe?insdóttir
Email: Arts and Sciences
Deputy, North Hartwood: Sarah

Family Activities Coordinator:

Archos Aline de Seez
Email: Family Activities Coordinator


Lord Harold
Email: Herald

Chief Scribe:

Maulana Halima
Email: Chief Scribe

Exchequer (Treasurer):

Maulana Halima al-Rakkasa
Email: Exchequer

Deputy – Chamberlain
Lord Ulf Traeskaerer
Email: Chamberlain


Lady Aniko
Email: Chronicler

Web Minister:

Email: See Chronicler