The Shires of Hartwood, Ravensley and Cragmere have amalgamated into the Shire of Hartwood! We are very happy with our new status and look forward to announcing new and exciting events in the very near future!

Stay tuned for more updates.

3 Responses to “Hartwood Has Amalgamated!”
  1. Halima says:

    This is very exciting! I am looking forward to the many activities people have been discussing, and hope to host a few, too.

    My latest activity is painting a small Hartwood device to go on my “address” camping banner; it’ll do until Hartwood has a badge (which would be more appropriate for me to display).


  2. Halima says:

    We have three (3!) events coming up!

    The Armada!

    The Straight’n’Arrow!

    Yule A&S!

    And one general meeting for everyone on July 24th at Errington Hall at 10:30 a.m., followed by a picnic in the park!

    Be there, or be finding out you really, really ought’ve been there because it was so much fun that you missed out on…

  3. Lady Rowana Wolfe says:

    Ahhh just like the old days! I’m delighted that the Isle of Thornberry is once again under the care of Hartwood. Mayhap our family will once again attend an event or two, when the peasants permit.

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