The members of Hartwood have created the Hartwood Customary (printable PDF). It is not intended to duplicate operating procedures set down by Principality, Kingdom, or Society, but to underline some of those procedures and to outline some of those customs that are unique to Hartwood.

Event Steward Information

Officers and event stewards will find this page useful, and event stewards, this section on the Kingdom website.

The new Event Proposal Form is easy to use.

See the other forms that are useful, too.

Event stewards: If you are printing the gate sheets and waivers, use colors to help do the reconciliations post-event… blue gate for blue-card-carrying SCA members, white gate sheets for -everyone- else; yellow for the adult waiver sheets, and green for the minor waiver sheets; white for the minor medical sheets (where a minor has a temporary guardian rather than a parent present).

Cheque Request Form

If you want reimbursement, or an advance on event costs, use this form.

Behind the Scenes

Meeting Minutes

January 2017 council
February 2017 council
March 2017 council
June 2017 council
June Financial Committee Meeting 2017 council
July 2017 council
August 2017 council
August Extraordinary Meeting 2017

January 2016 council
March 2016 council
April event report
May 2016 council
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October 2016 council
November 2016 council
December 2016 council

February 2015 council
March 2015 council
March 2015 Financial committee

April 2015 council
September 2015 council
November 2015 council
December 2015 council

(Archived minutes available upon request)


Hartwood Financial Policy, as of April 2013

Tir Righ Financial Policy (pdf)
An Tir Financial Policy (pdf)
SCA Financial Policy (pdf)

Local Exchequer Handbook (pdf)