Mistress Diana Listmaker

from “The Known World Handbook; Courtesy and Etiquette In the Current Middle Ages” by Mistress Diana Listmaker, and used by gracious permission. The entire Known World Handbook is copyright by The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. and is available from SCA Marketplace,  P.O. Box 360789,  Milpitas, California  95036-0789.

1. Treat your inferiors as equals, your equals as superiors, officers as representatives of the King and Queen, and the King and Queen with reverence due your sovereigns.

2. Use medieval forms of address. Wherever possible (and reasonable) use a person’s proper name or rank. In the middle ages, even family members referred to each other formally; nicknames were for peasants. If you do not know their name or rank, refer to them as milord or milady.

3. Be faithful to your word.

4. Gentlemen, honor all ladies.

5. Ladies, remain worthy of all honor.

6. Touch no man’s goods unasked; give and receive with grace.

7. Be gentle to the stranger.

8. Raise your sword, but not your voice.

9. Let the slain man say if he be slain.

10. Reverance the King and Queen.