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The Shires of Hartwood, Ravensley and Cragmere have amalgamated into the Shire of Hartwood! We are very happy with our new status and look forward to announcing new and exciting events in the very near future!

Stay tuned for more updates.

Hi all… now it looks like the Hartwood Social Night is become a going concern.  We’re mostly holding it on Tuesdays (but not this coming week – it’s Wednesday).  We’re not doing any particular theme, but I’m currently working with Coptic-bound books, Emrys and Mischa talk fighting and I have enough stuff lying around to discuss Heraldry with or Garb making.  There’s also new events to discuss, movies to watch, etc.  So come over!  Contact Scathach (me) at

Finally, something I can work with and make pretty.


Look for more updates soon!

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More to come!