Please join us for our Arts and Sciences gatherings, where we talk and learn and work on projects of all sorts. As topics vary, please keep in touch to find out when we are doing something of interest to you.

South Hartwood A&S:

North Hartwood A&S: Wednesdays 6:30pm. Contact Minister for Arts and Sciences for more information

West Hartwood A&S:

These links take you to guilds, websites and email lists that are focused on particular topics of interest.

Guild Links:

Tir Righ Brewers Guild –

Tir Righ Companie of Defence –

Tir Righ Company of Dance –

Tir Righ Medieval Woodcraft (pending) –

AnTir Chirugeon’s Guild –

AnTir Costumer’s Guild –

AnTir Embellishers’ Guild –

AnTir Kingdom Equestrian Guild –

AnTir Lampworkers Guild-

AnTir Spinner’s Guild –

Kingdom of AnTir Missile Guild –

Interkingdom Hunt Guild –

Interkingdom Moneyer’s Guild – An Tir – ?